Anonymous asked: Wut make u so happy today?

please tell me who you are? bc you obviously follow me on twitter and I just want to know lol

Anonymous asked: How happened with you and your bf :( i hope you feel okay and if not, I hope u feel better

I’m good, you live and you learn. thanks though

Anonymous asked: Jw cuz i like fitness posts

jw who you are lol

Anonymous asked: How do u pln on movin out?

hopefully in october and i’ll just move my stuff out.

Anonymous asked: Are you evr planning on posting on ur kjfitness instagram. ?

lol who is this?

Anonymous asked: Are you willing to be friends with any1?

depends who they are but yeah, I’ll be friends w anyone

Anonymous asked: Are you happy with the way you look?

i could be happier but i’m not completely upset with how I look 

Anonymous asked: How much do u weigh

betweet 125 and 130

Anonymous asked: Whts your favorite healthy fooood

I make a home made Taco Salad, kinda like a home made version of Chipotle